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How To Coexist With Bees & Wasps

When we think about bees and wasps the first thing that comes to mind is RUN! What many people don’t realise is these black and yellow buzzing insects are actually our friends and a very important part of the Earth’s delicate ecosystem.

There are over 50,000 different species of bees and wasps and without them we wouldn’t have many of the foods we enjoy each day. Honeybees are pollinators and contribute billion of pounds, yes billions, to the value of Global crop production. Not to mention they are responsible for almost 200 million pounds of commercial honey each year.

Without honeybees you can say goodbye to your delicious honey glazed pastries!While bees are busy pollinating, our wasp friends are working to control insect populations.

There are 8 different types of wasp, each with a unique appearance and personality. Cicada, Mud dauber, Digger, and Sand wasps are known as solitary wasps, while Paper, Yellow jacket, and Bald-faced hornet wasps prefer to be more social.

Bees also have social and solitary species. Surprisingly most bees tend to be solitary, with the exception of Honeybees and Bumblebees.

There are only a couple species of wasp that are aggressive and will sting without provocation. Most bees and wasps prefer to avoid using their stinger unless imminent danger is present. When we know what to expect from bees and wasps, we can coexist without any problems.

If you are still concerned, schedule an annual autumn inspection and don’t approach nests; always call a professional. You can also take preventative measures by refraining from wearing heavily scented perfumes and lotions, and covering any food or drinks you have outside.

Bees and wasps play an important role in nature. While their sting may be painful and their nests a nuisance, if you leave them alone, they will likely return the favour.

To give you some amazing stats about bees and wasps our good friends at and have compiled and amazing infographic for us. Whilst the figures are in dollars, it certainly gives an amazing overview as to how awesome these little guys are!


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