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Educational Bedroom Ideas For Children

There are a variety of ways to couple interior design with education, especially when planning a child’s room. Below are some excellent accessories that can assist in boosting your child’s knowledge without them even realising that they’re being taught. Here are some great bedroom ideas for children.


Books are undoubtedly one of the best ways for children to learn whilst being entertained. The design of their bedroom can help in encouraging their enthusiasm for reading. Where possible, build a den, place a torch and some books inside and treat the area as a reward spot. 

Whether you can build the space into a cabin bed or you have a permanent small tent or tipee, this will be a well used area that will get the synapses buzzing.


Decorating a child’s room often involves a theme or one character. It is worth considering that even though they may not study educational posters, having one or two pinned up will inevitably lead to recognition.

Posters with numbers, letters, lovely quotes, flags, countries and phonetics can be hung in a spot that is looked at regularly to ensure inadvertent learning.

Solar System Projectors

These projectors are excellent ways of getting children into bed and allowing them to squeeze in some more learning before sleep.

The projectors can display the solar system on a blank wall or ceiling, allowing children to explore outer space at night.


If your child is responsible enough, a great way for them to learn personal skills is through the care of a pet. This may be a goldfish or hamster, but encouraging your child to maintain a clean environment and engage in the responsibility of an animal.

This is likely to further influence you child to maintain a clean and welcoming room for the benefit of their pet as well as themselves.


Depending upon the stage of your child’s development, there is a clock to suit all time-telling abilities. Opting for the starting block of a sun/moon dial so children can readily tell whether it is day or night (or moreover, whether to wake parents up or not) and working up towards a traditional clock face, this is an excellent way to teach children about time, routine and numbers.


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