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Your child's "Bijou" home away from home.


Children's learning is greatest from birth up to 6 years and our five principles enhance every aspect of your child's learning, giving them the foundations they need to move confidently and independently onto school



Our children learn through their senses and physical experiences of the world. Through careful preparation of spaces our children explore their senses and loose themselves in real life role play nurturing and expanding on their understanding of the world.



Everything has its place. We know that children thrive with structure and order and that in recognising where an object belongs our children feel safe and secure in a familiar environment. Through encouraging our children's responsibility for "things" and repeating experience's we grow their confidence and self awareness in an environment which makes them feel safe and secure.



With a farm to fork ethos we aim to always offer a locally produced organic menu. Our children will be able to visit local farms and woodland to learn about the growing process and the farm animals.



To feed a child's love learning and build strong individuals we see freedom as probably our most important principle. A child will work for the joy of a process rather than for an end result, they will repeat an activity over and over until their need is fulfilled. By nurturing and encouraging their freedom to explore we can transform self confidence and self discipline.



Whilst we emphasise freedom we never underestimate the value of social development. The sense of safety within our environment creates a space where children feel love and care towards others where they feel safe in opening up to the culture around them.


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