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Attracting Squirrels To Your Garden

Some people most definitely do not want squirrels in their garden, hence the existence of anti-squirrel devices like bird feeder guards and tree hole blocks. However, many of us do in fact love squirrels and want them to come in our garden even more than they already do.

They are cheeky, funny, mischievous and also, incredibly cute. For the squirrel lovers amongst us, we love having them just as much as all the other garden wildlife.

If you love squirrels and want to attract them to your garden, it’s actually much easier than you might think. As long as you have a tree in your garden or there are large trees nearby where squirrels are present, you can attract them to your garden easily.

Create Them Their Very Own Stage

Of course we’re not talking about velvet curtains or spotlights, but more their very own squirrel platform. As you will already know, squirrels are agile and determined enough to get into the majority of bird feeders, getting into all kinds of comedy positions in order to do so.

However, giving them a platform of their own is a good idea because it means they might stay away from the bird feeders and go to the platform to eat their own food. They will also return as it will be much easier for them to get to the food via the special platform you have created them.

Offer Them Their Favourite Treats

Squirrels love sunflower seeds and if you have ever been over to your bird feeder and seen lots of sunflower seed shells all over the ground underneath, a squirrel has definitely been in there getting his favourite treats. Place sunflower seeds on your squirrel platform, and consider hanging a feeder with nothing but sunflower seeds off it. This will again stop the squirrels knocking all the other seed out of the bird feeder.

As well as sunflower seeds, squirrels also love other types of treats which are easy to make or buy. Try pine cones filled with peanut butter. You can hang these off the trees, or even off your washing line within good proximity to a fence or platform where the squirrel can reach. They also love raw peanuts and dried corn on the cob, which you could hang from the tree if you want to.

Keep Pets & Kids Away From Squirrel Feeding Areas

Squirrels are timid, although they can become tamer over prolonged exposure to humans being in their natural habitat. However, assuming the squirrels you have are like most others and are timid, you will need to keep any cats, dogs or children well away from their feeding areas.

If you want the squirrel to return, it makes sense he should feel safe when he is in your garden, which he won’t if a loud dog or child, or stalking cat are in his feeding area.

Nesting Box

If you want to go the extra mile and try to not only attract squirrels to your garden, but let them live there, you could invest in a nesting box.These can be purchased online or at some shops for moderate amounts of money, or there are lots of DIY videos online showing you how to make one.

Just make sure you choose a really good place to put it once you have made it, and place it safely if you are going to put it high up in the tree.


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