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Sleeping Policy

All parent or carers will be given an ‘All About Me’ booklet when their children commences at the nursery. Part of the introduction to nursery is to gain knowledge of your child’s individual routine and their sleep and rest time periods.

Staff will discuss the individual needs and requirements of each child to ensure their rest routine where possible mirrors that of home-life such as sleeping in a cot/buggy/sleep mat and any comforter.

The nursery has a ‘Sleep Chart’ document and children are monitored by a member of staff so their sleep time is documented correctly for their daily report for their parents when they collect. 

This is signed by the member of staff at each interval e.g. falling asleep, waking up or if disturbed sleep.
 All children’s mouths are checked before going to sleep in case of choking. 

All play rooms are well ventilated, with room’s temperatures of 16-22c (recommended guidelines), however this may be higher during the summer months, where fans will be used to try to regulate temperature. Babies sleep in cots, chairs or sleep mats discussed with the parent or carer and of their wishes.

Babies are placed to sleep in the cot on their back with their feet towards the bottom of the cot, unless specifically request by parent or carer of a different position documented on commencement of the nursery. 

Light bedcovers may be used if appropriate and are firmly tucked in and no higher than the baby’s shoulders, thus preventing them wriggling under the cover. Cots are not placed by radiator or window. 


The gaps between the bars of the cots are less than 6.5cm (SIDS guidance). Mattresses are regularly checked for any signs of damage. Mattresses are regularly turned and aired. 

After each sleep the bedding is changed and washed within the setting. 


Safe Sleeping Checks: Staff will check the sleeping children to ensure they are sleeping in a safe position and not tangled in a sheet/blanket.  

The child’s breathing will be checked by placing a gentle hand on the child’s chest or putting the back of their hand near the child’s mouth to feel for breath.

Staff will ensure they are not hot or cold and ensure that any disturbance is documented.
The child’s sleeping routine is discussed with the parent/carers and recorded within their personal sleep routine i.e. length of sleep, position of sleep. 

Comforters, muslins, dummies, soft toy where required should be provided from home and these will be stored with your child’s personal belongings and will returned to the child’s belongings.

If a child has a dummy and this should fall from their mouth during their sleep the member of staff will not put it back into the mouth unless the child wakes. 

A child will be settled by a member of staff unless parent/carer requests they settle themselves in a cot or buggy.

Staff will sit with a child and pat/stroke their stomach or back or stroke side of face as requested by parent/carer and soft music and lighting will be used as calming techniques after lunch.

The nursery will not allow a child to consume milk from a bottle in a cot or mat bed as a soother for settling to sleep.

During the period of 12.30pm-2.00pm the nursery has a ‘quiet time’. This allows children to have a rest time or engage in activities which require less physical input after their midday meal. Staff will provide circle time groups, literacy activities such as story time, story cds, and puppet/role play time/ visual activity to allow children calm time after their dinner and allow to settle.  All children should be awoken at 2pm to allow time for child to come around before snack times to ensure they don’t miss out on snack and have received an ample nap.

The main play room will have a ‘cosy reading corner’ area for children to have periods or rest when they require. 

Communicating with parents if they child is beginning to grow out of afternoon naps and collaborate with them of solutions if they wish the child to sleep or allowing a later nap time if parents request.

All children are to be toileted and nappy checked before being placed to sleep incase of accidents or soiling and all mats/cots and bedding is to be cleaned appropriately e.g. sanitized or washed.

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