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6 Things To Do With Old Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are a gardeners best friend, and they can come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit any personality and practical use. Our wellies are with us through the rubbish weather, the amazing veggie patch wins, the discovery of a pest infestation, and the gentle planting of a new type of bulb or seedling.

With this in mind, it isn’t difficult to see why we get so attached to our wellies, and why it can be heartbreaking when it is finally time to let a pair go. To ease this emotionally difficult time, we thought we would give you these 6 uses for old wellies so you can at least put your trusty old boots to use when they are ready for retirement!


If the reason you are getting rid of the wellies is because you got a new, snazzier pair, but your old pair are otherwise still in tact and aren’t leaking, then keep them for spares.

There might be a job that is particularly dirty, or it could serve you well to have a pair at the allotment and a pair in the shed at home. If they aren’t broken, it might be a great idea to keep them as spares.

Donate them

If they are in tact, you could donate them to a charity shop, or to a gardening project where volunteers borrow the wellies at the centre.

There are lots of places your wellies could be useful – and what a lovely thought to think your trusty old boots are helping a charity somewhere.

Make Them Into A Pot Plant

If the welly is split or broken, it might be a good idea to turn it into a funky little pot plant. Make some holes in the sole and fill the boot full of compost (with some stones at the bottom for drainage). Plant whatever you like in there to make a cute little novelty pot plant.

If your welly is black, it will make a particularly good pot for plants that like warmer soil as the colour of the welly absorbs the heat from the sun.

Use Them As Storage

Why not use your welly as storage for seeds or tools? If you weight the bottom out it could even be a good, safe holder for hedge cutting tools. You might want to make holes in the top and tie string to hand the welly up to make a hanging tool holder.

Use Them For Fashion Arts & Crafts With The Kids

Why not spend an afternoon ‘decorating’ your wellies with the kids. They could decorate theirs to see who’s wellies are the coolest at the end.

Stick jewels, draw patterns on, and even cut out bits if you want – just be sure to use suitable materials to decorate and to ensure everyone is using wellies they aren’t particularly attached to! They could even become a table centrepiece!

Become A Welly Wanger!

If all else fails, why not become a welly wanger? This traditional sport involves a person throwing a welly as far as possible. Obviously it isn’t difficult to throw a boot, but it can be tricky throwing one accurately!

Go to a field or park (or use your garden if big enough) with your friends and hold a competition with rounds and a prize for the winner. Just make sure no one else is walking past when you chuck the boot!


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