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Missing or Lost Child Policy

In the event of a child going missing either on an outing, from the outside play area or the internal nursery environment the following procedures must be adhered to with minimum disruption or distress to the other children. All staff will always remain calm.

The manager or senior member of staff present must do a thorough headcount. They will deploy staff accordingly to have a maximum effect in finding the missing child.

Where possible two members of staff will remain with the children while the other staff carry out the search. Staff will search the immediate area first then quickly decide the surrounding areas that will be searched.

If the child has not been found within 10 minutes, then the police will be called by the manager. As much information about the child's description will be given and their last known movements will also be told. The manager will continue to take instructions from the police to continue the search.

The parent/carer will be informed immediately and an offer of transport the appropriate venue by taxi can be provided so that they are present for all developments regarding the incidents.

If the incident occurs way from the nursery then the Owner or Manager (if not on site) will be called to provide additional back-up staff.

Once the child has been found and the children and staff have been returned to nursery, the senior member of staff or manager will write a full report of the incident.

Procedure after the event



  • A copy of this report will be signed by staff who were present during the incident, the parents/ carers of the child, and the nursery owner/manager.

  • CIW will also be informed of the incident over the phone and a copy of the report will be sent to them.

  • The nursery Manager or Owner will write to the parents/ carers with fill explanation of the incident and the measures that have been put in place to prevent such occurrence again.

  • An emergency meeting will be called with staff to address the issues surrounding the incident and to review all policies that relate (Outdoor play policy and Outings policy).

  • Bijou nursery understand that it the Manager's responsibility to ensure that these policies are updated and reviewed regularly and implemented appropriately.

If a child is not collected from the setting after 6.30pm the parents will be contacted after fifteen minutes of the child not being collected  without any means of communication or contact with the parent e.g. them or us contacting then the local authorities (social services) must be contacted and informed that the child has not been collected.

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