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Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Within Bijou nursery be believe that the safety and security of children is paramount. We also believe that children and parents alike must read and understand in full our fire evacuation policy.

We ensure our premises present no risk of fire by providing the highest possible standard of fire protection. The management and staff are familiar with current legal requirements. When necessary we will seek the advice of a competent person, such as our fire officer.


Fire Drills

The manager/supervisor is responsible for arranging the Fire Drills which they will delegate a different staff member to perform. The fire drills will take place every 4-6 weeks or if we have a new member of staff or students, this will be part of their induction. Our staff will check the alarms as part of their routine and risk checks by Bijou nursery staff. The routine checks along with additional information will be recorded, signed and dated each time.



The fire drill procedure will be clearly displayed throughout our nursery and foyer area. This will be accessible for all parents and carers to read and understand fully. All visitors will be informed of the exits they must take in the event of an emergency.

We have implemented an additional procedure if for some reason our fire alarm does not warn us off a fire. The backup plan will be in the way of verbal and/or a whistle will be given to warn of the fire. We understand here at Bijou nursery it is paramount that all children are kept safe and secure.

Records are kept of all fire drills and the servicing of the safety equipment. 


Fire alarm

The sound of the fire alarm is identified as a constant beep throughout the nursery and playcentre which all staff and children are familiar with through discussion and regular fire drills.

Fire exits

All fire exits within Bijou nursery are clearly marked, always lit up and kept clear.


Evacuation and Assembly Point

The assembly point is towards the front and rear of the building. If you exit our back fire exit, please gather within the car park area. If you exit the side exit or front exit please gather at the front of the building on the wider area of pavement.

All children, babies, parents, carers, students and staff will be led from the nursery via the closest fire exit doors which are located in the back foyer, front foyer to the side of the playcentre (where necessary, prams will be used to evacuate babies). As mentioned on the Daily register policy, registers are taken daily within our nursery, but if the fire drill alarms- the registers will be taken to the evacuation point and the staff will check all persons are accounted for. The manager is responsible to ensure the safety of the children and staff and will collect registers to ensure everyone is accounted for and to ensure a safety check of the building to ensure that everyone is out safe. A safety bag will be hung by the back fire exit to include blankets and snacks if needed to evacuate and keep children warm and calm in this situation.

Real emergency and the contact of parents

In the event of a real emergency, there is a child/adult files/folder that will be easily accessible by the duty manager and taken out to evacuation point. Therefore, staff will be able to phone the parents of the children to be picked up as soon as possible. The contact details of the next of kin for all staff members and volunteers are listed within these folder also.

Safety Officers

1st - Micheal Rennison (Owner)
2nd - Samantha Rennison(Owner)
3rd - Nadine Barrett (Manager)

Here at Bijou nursery, we understand that we have many priorities but one being very significant. We will ensure that at no time the safety of any of the children can become compromised for any reason and in any way whatsoever.

Our nursery will be additional to our playcentre, therefore, in the event of an emergency and the use of the same fire exit, Bijou nursery staff will remain staff and stay with their designated role (playcentre or nursery). We believe children are paramount and will stay calm and keep the children from the nursery separate from those of the playcentre.

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