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Equal Opportunities Policy

All staff, children and parents have equal access to the same opportunities that our nursery offers and provides and are treated with equal concern and respect.

Aims and objectives

We do not discriminate against anyone, staff or child, on the grounds of his/her sex, race, colour, religion, nationality, age, ethnic or national origins.

This is in line with the 1976 Race Relations Act and covers both direct and indirect discrimination.

Bijou nursery works in accordance with all relevant legislation, including:


  • Disabled Persons Acts 1958, 1986

  • Race Relations Act 1976

  • Sex Discrimination Act 1986

  • Children Act 1989 • Human Rights Act 1998

  • The Employment Equality Age Regulations 2006

We promote the principles of fairness and justice for all through the care and education that we provide in our nursery. We ensure that all children have equal access to the full range of educational opportunities provided by the creche.

We constantly strive to recognise and then remove any forms of indirect discrimination that may form barriers to learning. We ensure that all medical, cultural and dietary needs will be met. We ensure that all recruitment, employment, promotion and training systems are fair to all, and provide opportunities for everyone to achieve. We challenge stereotyping and prejudice whenever it occurs.

We celebrate the cultural diversity of our community and country, and demonstrate respect for all minority groups. We are aware that prejudice and stereotyping is caused by low self-image and ignorance. Through positive educational experiences and for each individual's point of view, we aim to promote positive social attitudes and respect for all.


It is the right of all children to receive the best care and education the nursery can provide, with access to all activities organised by the nursery. We do not tolerate any forms of racism or racist behaviour. Should a racist incident occur, we would act immediately to prevent any similar repetition. (Procedures to include speaking with parents, recording the incident in the Incident Book, devising action plan if needed, or filing an incident report to LEA).

We endeavour to make our nursery welcoming to all. We promote an understanding of different cultures through the topics studied by the children (as mentioned in other policies) which are reflected in our acts of celebration, and displays of learning shown in the nursery.

Our curriculum reflects the attitudes, values and respect that we have for minority ethnic groups. We will celebrate a variety of religious festivals including those of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Should anyone at our nursery be a victim of racism, we will do all we can to support that person in overcoming any difficulties s/he may experience.

The role of the registered care providers


The registered care providers have set out their commitment to equal opportunities in this policy statement, and will continue to do all they can to ensure that all members of the creche community are treated fairly and with equality.

The registered care providers seek to ensure that people with disabilities are not discriminated against when applying for jobs at our nursery. They take all reasonable steps to ensure that the creche environment gives access to people with disabilities. (The registered care providers welcome all applications to join the nursery, whatever background or disability a child may have.

The registered care providers ensure that no child is discriminated against whilst in our nursery on account of his/her sex, religion or race. All children have access to the full range of the Foundation Phase curriculum.


The role of the nursery manager

It is the manager's role to implement the creche' equal opportunities policy supported by the registered care providers and all staff in so doing.

It is the manager's role is to ensure that all staff are aware of the creche policy on equal opportunities, and that they apply these guidelines fairly in all situations. The manager ensures that all appointment panels give due regard to this policy, so that no-one is discriminated against when it comes to employment or training opportunities. 


The manager promotes the principle of equal opportunity when developing the curriculum, and promotes respect for other people in all aspects of creche life. The manager treats all incidents of unfair treatment and any racist incidents with due seriousness.

The role of the nursery practitioner

The creche practitioner ensures that all children are treated fairly, equally and with respect. We do not discriminate against any child.

When selecting room materials, practitioners pay due regard to the sensitivities of all members of the room and do not provide material that is racist or sexist in nature.

Practitioners strive to provide material that gives positive images of ethnic minorities and that challenges stereotypical images of minority groups. All practitioners challenge any incidents of prejudice or racism and draw them to the attention of the nursery manager.

Monitoring and review

It is the responsibility of the managers to monitor the effectiveness of this Equal Opportunities policy. The managers do this by:


  • monitoring the progress of children of minority groups and comparing it to the

  • progress made by other pupils in the nursery 

  • monitoring the staff appointment process, so that no-one applying for a post at this nursery is discriminated against;

  • taking into serious consideration any complaints regarding equal opportunity issues from parents, staff or pupils;

  • monitoring the nursery’s behaviour and exclusions policy, so those pupils from minority groups are not unfairly treated.




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