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Camera, Mobile Phone & Recording Device Use

Our nursery is aware of the growth of internet use and the advantages this can bring. However, it is also aware of the dangers and strives to support children, staff and families in using the internet safely.


Within the nursery we aim to keep children (and staff) safe online by:

  • Ensuring we have appropriate antivirus and anti-spyware software on all devices and update them regularly

  • Ensuring content blockers and filters are on all our devices, e.g. computers, laptops and any mobile devices

  • Keeping passwords safe and secure, not sharing or writing these down.

  • These will be changed at least every term to keep the devices secure

  • Ensure management monitor all internet activities in the setting

  • Locking away all nursery devices at the end of the day

  • Ensuring no social media or messaging apps are installed on nursery devices

  • Management reviewing all apps or games downloaded to tablets to ensure all are age appropriate for children and safeguard the children and staff

  • Using approved devices to record/photograph in the setting

  • Never emailing personal or financial information

  • Reporting emails with inappropriate content to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF

  • Ensuring children are supervised when using internet devices

  • Using tracking software to monitor suitability of internet usage (for older children)

  • Not permitting staff or visitors access to the nursery Wi-Fi

  • Integrating online safety into nursery daily practice by discussing computer usage 'rules' and deciding together what is safe and what is not safe to do online

  • Talking to children about 'stranger danger' and deciding who is a stranger and who is not, comparing people in real life situations to online 'friends'

  • When using Skype and FaceTime (where applicable) discussing with the children what they would do if someone they did not know tried to contact them

  • Provide training for staff who need this to keep children safe online. We encourage staff and families to complete a online safety briefing which can be found at

  • We abide by an acceptable use policy, ensuring staff only use the work IT equipment for matters relating to the children and their education and care. No personal use will be tolerated

  • Children's screen time is monitored to ensure they remain safe online and have access to material that promotes their development. We will ensure that their screen time is within an acceptable level and is integrated within their programme of learning.



Staff are also aware that anything regarding Bijou nursery is not to be put on social media and that parents attending the setting will not be able to befriend on social media is un professional and mis conduct.

Staff are aware that personal mobile phone will not be permitted on setting shop floor and are to be kept in a safe area for personal use e.g. lunch break but are not to be used in contact with children at the setting. If emergency calls are needed then staff will have to keep these in main office and used in the office or outside the building.

Staff are aware that they have a level of professionalism for the business and setting so are to uphold standards expected of them such as un appropriate behaviours which is why parent’s on social media are disallowed as can be a negative view on the setting due to personal behaviours.

Staff will be made aware of children that have not allowed permission on social media to advertise the setting and evidence for parents who enjoy seeing pictures of what their children have been doing and will receive this information upon the child starting the setting. There will also be a list of children who have not got permission. These photos will need to be screened as some photos can be used as evidence for the children’s files and books. Children’s names will never be used on social media or locations as for safeguarding issues.

Only cameras or mobiles designed for the setting are to be used for photography and personal phones will not be used. These will be kept on secure mobile or camera equipment which will be password protected and only staff to have access to these. The setting mobile phone will be used in case of emergencies such as walks and outings and the number will be kept in main office and documented where, what time and contact details.

If any member of staff is seen on personal mobiles in the setting this will lead to disciplinary action and could end with dismissal as this is a safeguarding and child protection issue and is not to be taken lightly.

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