Whistle Blowing Policy

All BIJOU Nursery is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, honesty and accountability. In line with that commitment we encourage employees and others with serious concerns about any aspect of the settings, operations to come forward and voice those concerns. 

It is recognised that certain cases will have to proceed on a confidential basis. This policy document make sit clear that employees can do something without fear of reprisals. It is intended that this  policy will encourage and enable employees  to raise serious concerns within the setting rather than overlooking a problem or having it playing on their mind.


Staff have the right and individual responsibility to raise any matters of concern regarding poor practice at work. Staff are responsible for safety and well being of all children attending the Nursery and this takes priority over loyalty towards colleagues. 


General Principals:

This policy is intended to  Encourage and enable individuals to raise genuine and legitimate concerns. 

Support staff to take an active role in the elimination of poor practice.

Ensure concerns are appropriately investigated and protect those making the complaint from victimisation or retaliation.


In addition to this policy we have other policies and procedures covering discipline, grievance and complaints. This policy is intended to complement these and to cover concerns that fall outside the scope of other procedures. The manager and proprietor will investigate promptly and thoroughly, all concerns that are raised in accordance with this policy and will take appropriate action.



Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement:

Child Protection providers must have and policy and procedures, to safeguard children and can be found in safeguarding policies.



The management will do its best to protect a person’s identity when a concern is raised, however in some circumstances identities will have to be revealed to the person complained against and the complainant may be asked to provide written or verbal evidence in support of their complaint. If a person’s identity is to be disclosed, he or she will be told before the disclosure and the reasons why this is necessary. Once the concerns have been raised, we expect that the complainant will not talk about this to any other person inside or outside the setting.


Anonymous Complaints:

When a concern is expressed anonymously it is much less powerful and harder to investigate. However they may still be considered and looked at.



Untrue allegations:

 If an allegation is made in good faith but it is not confirmed by the investigation, no action will be taken against the complainant. If, however, an allegation proves to be malicious, action maybe taken against the person/s responsible for the malicious act.



How to raise a concern:

In the first instance, concerns should be raised with the Nursery Manager- Nadine Barrett. However this may not always be appropriate, in which cases concerns should be raised with the director Michael Rennison or Owner Samantha Rennison best raised in writing, included in this should be the background and history of the concern, giving names, dates, places where possible and the reason why you are particularly concerned. The earlier you express your concerns the easier it is to take action. 

If you do not wish to put the allegations in writing, the person to whom you are making the complaint will make a written record of the interview and will ask you to sign to confirm accuracy of the notes taken. Although you will not be expected to prove the truth of your allegations, you will be required to demonstrate that there are sufficient grounds for your concern. 



You should not:

Investigate the matter yourself or Alert those suspected of being involved.

Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement: Child Protection Providers must have policy and procedures, to safe guard children. Approach or accuse individuals. Tell anyone other than the designated person’s i.e. Manager and Proprietor Within a week of the receipt of your concern, you will receive a written acknowledgement of your concern, with a copy of your statement where appropriate. 

The Manager and Proprietor will investigate your concern and within 2 weeks you will be informed of what action is being taken and you will be kept up to date on the progress of the investigation. You will also be informed of the outcome of any investigation.

If your concerns cannot be expressed to the Manager or director then complaints can be made to CIW directly.

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