Statement of Purpose

Our vision is to provide excellence in Childcare and to adopt a nurturing and loving ethos that enables children to develop in their individual way. Our aim is to provide quality day care by ensuring we are welcoming, caring, stimulating and a fun environment for all children. We believe including these factors will promote a positive image to the children, along with developing their self-esteem, confidence and well-being. Our Bijou team are passionate about providing a fun environment for children to learn and explore. We will strive for excellence and deliver a service in which parents/carers feel comfortable and content when leaving their child in our hands.


Our Bijou team have the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to provide excellence in childcare, where we are able to offer a nurturing, caring and fun environment. The team will tailor their services to meet specific requirements of children, we would like to offer the highest possible standard when meeting requirements and welcome children into Bijou who may have additional needs. Parents will be asked to fill in a form titled "All About Me" which allows our staff to discuss any particular needs and requirements the child may have.


We acknowledge the importance of parents/carers involvement and our staff will work collaboratively alongside to support children within our provision. Our Bijou team fully understand that the safety and well-being of children is paramount.


We aim to provide care that will adopt and facilitate the running of The Foundation Phase for those from the age of two years to eight years. Here at Bijou we will work through the medium of English but are keen to develop and promote the use of Bilingualism by using incidental Welsh and planning Welsh activities to implement throughout the week.


We strongly believe that The Foundation Phase curriculum allows each child to make choices regarding their learning, which is therefore built upon the principles of learning through play. Plenty of research has been carried out that demonstrates that play is an essential factor to the development of children, a very powerful tool.


Bijou will always provide a safe and welcoming environment that will enable children to participate in every aspect of play.


Children will learn through the main factor of play, therefore other strands will fall into place, such as interaction, well-being and emotional development. There will be a routine each day and a board where children can visually see what's next or later. A typical routine day would be: 

Nappy changes are factored into the routine and children are also changed as and when required. Nappies are to be completed am/pm checked before children leave the setting and if needed and should be changed regularly every 2-3 hours.


We have many procedures and policies in place that we follow regarding admissions, our contract, complaints, emergencies and many more. Please refer to Bijou's policies. 


Bijou will be fully committed in providing the highest standard of care during the hours of 8:00am- 9pm Monday- Friday and 1Oam-4pm during the weekends.


Additional to adopting day-care, we would like to include a "Drop and Shop" facility seven days a week with our main aim of catering for this during the weekend. We would like to implement this facility as we consider it to be a unique factor regarding Bijou's nursery and would like to adopt a type of care that is like no other within the area.


Thank you,

Samantha Rennison (Managing director) and Nadine Barrett (Manager)

Call Us: 01446 396000   /  /  48a Eastgate, Cowbridge, CF71 7AB

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