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Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy

At BIJOU Nursery we are committed to providing a safe environment that helps to ensure the welfare of the children in our care. This includes making sure that children are not exposed to adults who may be under the influence of alcohol or other substances that may affect their ability to care for children. 

Alcohol under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, companies have a legal requirement to provide a safe working environment for all of their employees.    

Anyone    who arrives at the nursery clearly under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave. If they are a member of staff, the nursery will investigate the matter and will initiate the disciplinary process as a result of which action may be taken, including dismissal.

 If they are a parents adult delivering/ collecting children If a member of staff suspects that an individual may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when delivering their child to the nursery, they will report their suspicions to their supervisor or manager , who will then approach the person directly. 

A confidential note will be kept on file and the child’s key person will be alerted.  If it is in the child’s best interests to remain in the nursery the Manager will arrange for an alternative contact person to collect the child.

 In  the unlikely situation that a responsible person is unable to collect then the Manager will start Safeguarding Children proceeding as outlined in the nursery Safeguarding Children Policy. 

Should any member of staff feel compromised or threatened they are to inform the Manager or person in charge In extreme cases the Manager, Deputy or Supervisor may ask the individual to leave the premises, or make the decision to remove themselves and the children to another part of the nursery, or a place of safety.

If a child is thought to be at risk the nursery will follow the safeguarding children/child protection procedure and    the police or children’s social services may be called.        

If anyone arrives at the  nursery in a car under the influence of alcohol the police will be contacted.

Staff, students, parents, carers, visitors, contractors etc. Are asked not to bring alcohol on to the nursery premises. 



Substance misuse

Anyone who arrives at    the nursery under the influence of illegal drugs, or any other substance including  any medication e.g. prescription, that    affects    their ability to care for children, will be asked to leave the premises immediately. If they are a member of staff, an investigation will follow which may lead to disciplinary action, as     a result  of which dismissal could follow. If parent’s/carers of the children are collecting under the influence whether drugs or alcohol the nursery may call the second contact on the child’s registration form to collect them. If a child is thought to be at risk the nursery will follow the safeguarding children/child protection procedure and the police may be called as part of policy and procedure as unsafe for child.        

The nursery will  contact the police if anyone (including staff, students, volunteers, contractors and visitors)     are suspected of being in possession of illegal drugs/ alcohol or if they are driving or may drive when under the influence   of illegal drugs or alcohol. If they are a member of staff serious disciplinary procedures will be followed as in staff disciplinary policy.    

If a member of staff is taking prescriptive medication that may affect their ability to work, they must inform the nursery manager as soon as possible to arrange for a risk assessment to be completed for the individual.    


Safeguarding/child protection

If a parent or carer is clearly over the alcohol limit, or under the influence of illegal drugs and it is believed the child is at risk we will follow our safeguarding/child protection procedures, contact Local Authority children’s social care team and the police if required to protect the child/children from any harm.  

Staff will do their utmost to prevent a child from travelling in a vehicle driven by them and if necessary the police will be called if required.    

Where an illegal act is suspected to have taken place, the police will be called.