Adverse Weather Policy

At Bijou nursery we have an adverse weather policy in place to ensure our nursery is prepared for all weather conditions that might affect the running of the nursery such as floods, snow and heat waves.

If any of these incidents impact on the ability of the nursery to open or operate, we will contact parents via phone


Children will not be taken outdoors if we judge that weather conditions make it unsafe to do so.


In the case of a flood we will ensure that children and staff will be safe and that continuity of care to be planned for.

Snow or other severe weather If high snowfall, or another severe weather condition such as dense fog, is threatened during a nursery day then the manager will take the decision as to whether to close the nursery.

This decision will consider the safety of the children, their parents and the staff team. In the event of a planned closure during the nursery day, we will contact all parents to arrange for collection of their child.

In the event of staff shortages due to snow or other severe weather, we will contact all available off duty staff and group the children differently until they are able to arrive. If we are unable to maintain statutory ratio requirements after all avenues are explored, we will contact CIW to inform them of this issue, recording all details in our incident file.

If we feel the safety, health or welfare of the children is compromised then we will take the decision to close the nursery for that time until safe.

Heat waves

During a heatwave we will take the following action:

  • Check that windows can be shaded, preferably by curtains with pale, reflective linings rather than by metal venetian blinds and curtains with dark linings, which can make conditions worse.

  • Check that there are no problems opening windows while acknowledging security considerations

  • Increase outside shading such as shutters, shades, trees or leafy plants; reflective paint can also assist in keeping the building cool. Increase outside greenery, especially in concreted areas, as it increases moisture content and aids cooling as a natural air conditioner

  • Create cool rooms or cool areas with appropriate indoor and outdoor shading, ventilation, the use of indoor and outdoor plants and, if necessary, air conditioning or fans out the reach of children.

  • Ensure that staff know which rooms are the easiest to keep cool and which are the most difficult and review the distribution of children according to those most at risk such as smaller/younger children who cannot regulate body temperature.

  • Thermometers will be monitored regularly in each room in which the children spend substantial time

  • Electric fans have been installed in all rooms to provide some relief
  • Provide fresh drinking water readily available and healthy cool ice

  • Plan to adapt menus to cold meals (such as sandwiches, fruit and salads)

  • Ensure the children are wearing light, loose-fitting cotton clothing and remove any thick outer wear.

  • Be aware that nappies will add to a child’s discomfort during hot weather so may need fresh nappy changing more often

  • Ensure children sleep in a well-ventilated room with light bedding or no bedding depending

    • Ensuring that children are drinking throughout the day and regularly at all ages due to dehydration.

    • Parent’s that have provided sun creams should be labelled and ensured that parent’s have signed permission and children remain in cool areas between 11:00 and 15:00 as hottest parts of the day and have short periods between inside and out.

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